Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available
Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available

The quick way to get long, voluminous hair without damaging your hair is by using extensions. Hair extensions are one of the services we offer at Lux Hair, using Jadore tape-in hair extensions. Read More

Get Hair Extensions in Coburg

These extensions can be treated like your own hair and make for a great way to switch up your style without too much effort or commitment. These extensions are made of human hair, making them high quality and durable. If you want to try extensions, you should always do it at a hair salon. We can ensure the extensions are taped in correctly, so that they look natural and won’t come off, and we’re also able to advise you on how best to care for them. Plus, it makes it easier for you. Just sit down, relax, and leave the salon with a brand-new look.

Why Try Hair Extensions?

Why should you be trying hair extensions? The reasons are many, and here are some of them.

  • Get longer hair in seconds, especially useful if your hair doesn’t grow past a certain length, or maybe you regret going too short during your last appointment
  • Your hair instantly becomes much more voluminous and looks gorgeous
  • Quickly add in colour in the form of highlights, lowlights or ombre, without committing to a longer-term dye or damaging your hair
  • Create unique hairstyles that you don’t have enough hair for normally, or make old favourites look infinitely better

Hair extensions are a favourite for people with damaged, brittle hair or who suffer from hair loss or don’t have as much volume as they’d like. They’re also great for special occasions, but anyone can wear hair extensions whenever they want.

How It Works

The Jadore hair extensions used at Lux Hair are tape-ins and don’t get removed, and they should also always be applied by a professional. These extensions are attached to the root of your hair with a special glue. As your hair grows, you need to regularly come back to the salon to maintain the results, but this does mean that these types of extensions are long-lasting and don’t need to be taken in and out every day. You should expect to come back every 6-10 weeks.

Come to Lux Hair Coburg for Your Next Hair Extensions

If you want to get hair extensions in Coburg, choose Lux Hair. The extensions we use are the highest quality in the business and are made from 100% real human hair. This means your extensions will look natural and be easy to style. Lux Hair is one of the top hair salons in Melbourne, with salons in Coburg, Altona and Preston. If you want to book you next hairdressing experience with our hair salon in Altona or hair salon ins Preston, you are more than welcome. We have over 30 years of experience and are known for our high-quality service and professional attitude. Our salons are also made to be as accessible as possible and offer specialty appointments for those who find it difficult to get to a salon. Hair extensions are not the only service we provide, and Lux Hair is likely to be your new favourite hairdresser in Melbourne for all your future appointments. Try out the Jadore tape-in hair extensions by booking in with Lux Hair through our website. Read Less