Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available
Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available

Lux Hair and our expert team of renowned professional stylists are some of the best in the business, and thanks to this, we know exactly how to achieve your dream balayage look. Our pride and joy come from making everyone who steps through our salon doors as beautiful as they deserve to look and feel, and that’s exactly what we do every single day.

Transform Your Hair with a Beautiful Balayage at Lux Hair Melbourne

What’s more, when it comes to balayage hair, price doesn’t have to break the bank because you tend to need a touch up far less often than other kinds of highlights and colour procedures. However, as always, when it comes down to hairdressing, you get what you pay for. If you look for a cheap balayage price tag, you’re going to get cheap results, so if you want a gorgeous transformation that doesn’t destroy your hair, you need to select an experienced, qualified stylist and salon with an esteemed reputation to match - and that’s where Lux Hair and our incredible team of stylists come in. Read More

What is a Balayage?

“Balayage” sounds as romantic as it looks; this is a French word meaning “to sweep,” and in terms of hair, that’s exactly how the stylist achieves this stunning aesthetic that’s far more natural-looking than highlights. In this professional hair colouring technique, highlights are brushed on by hand, or “swept” randomly over the surface of the hair, starting from the mid-shaft and followed by a thicker, denser covering as the application moves down each section of the hair right to the very ends.

This unique process and application result in a natural transformation of softly blended dark and light strands that produce a dynamic look full of body, movement, and ooh-la-la. And because not all the ends receive colour, the hair showcases interesting variation all over, along with an effortless transition between dark and light that lasts much longer.

Additionally, it’s not just subtle, natural colour, freshness, depth, and a stunningly gradual blend of tones that balayage offers; with this professional technique, hair looks thicker and healthier - and it actually is healthier since this pro-level stylish strategy is far less harsh and invasive on the hair than most other kinds of colouring. Because balayage is less damaging, hair is kept in prime condition and is much less dry, affording sensational Rapunzel-like locks that are as healthy as they are glowing. This also makes a balayage the perfect choice for people with thinner hair, who will see less damage whilst still enjoying all the glitz and glamour of a fresh new hairstyle.

Looking for the Best Balayage Hair Salon in Melbourne?

Well at Lux Hair we have three salons to choose from. We think a trip to our balayage hair salon should be a pleasurable, relaxing experience which is great for you as balayage appointments do take some time. Our salons have great parking options, so you won’t get stressed trying to figure out where to park. Once you come into the calm stylish atmosphere of our salon your friendly hair colourist will get to know you and your hair, so they know how best to approach your balayage. This personalised consultation isn’t something many salons focus on as it takes time, but we think it’s more important to learn how to provide the best service to each customer than rush. This means you won’t ever leave Lux Hair feeling disappointed, you’ll instead leave feeling your best, individual, self.

Quality Products and Experienced Balayage Hair Stylists Make for a Great Experience at Lux Hair

We believe in providing creative colouring options that don’t damage your hair, that’s why we’re confident we’re the best choice for a balayage hair salon. We searched for the best quality products rather than the cheapest. For example, we use Elumen for their bright colours and revolutionary low pH formula that bonds to your hair with a physical reaction, not a chemical one. This is kinder on the hair and creates durable colour plus smoother hair with less frizz.

Creating a balayage in Melbourne for our clients is one of our favourite looks to do as it looks stunning on everyone. It’s becoming more and more popular which we’re so pleased about. Balayage is French for ‘sweeping’. This describes the sweeping freehand dying technique which blends the new colour into your natural colour leaving no hard dye lines. This means the look can give you a fun change in colour but also requires less upkeep as it looks natural as it grows out with no roots to touch up. Balayage is all about working lighter highlights seamlessly amongst your darker hair so we will need to lighten some of your hair. We all know that unfortunately, bleach does come with risks of damage. With balayage though as it’s only certain strands being dyed rather than your whole head of hair, and because you won’t need touch-ups as often, you run less risk of damage. Balayage is also a great choice for those with thinner hair types as the blending of shades makes the hair appear thicker.

No More Searching ‘Balayage Hair Colouring Near Me’ Because the Answer is Lux Hair

Our hair salons in Melbourne have been running salons for 30 years and our staff love keeping up with their training and being creative. This makes us the best choice for your balayage. We are experts in dealing with all hair types from curly to thick and unruly so the cut we give you to complement your balayage will be flattering so you leave feeling fabulous. We also offer other signature services such as extensions and personalised keratin smoothing treatments to deal with your hair and scalp concerns to compliment your balayage.

Instead of just searching ‘balayage hair near me’, take the plunge and book an appointment online with any of our three salons, in Altona, Preston, or Coburg. It's easy to visit if you're not quite there but are looking for your closest hair salon in Reservoir or if you're wanting a quick hair cut in Newport Our opening times differ slightly but we’re sure you’ll find a time to suit your schedule. You can also fill a basket with all the best shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to keep your balayage colour bold for as long as possible. Use our ‘contact us’ page to find the phone numbers for all our salons if you have balayage, or any other haircare questions.

Need another reason to come to us for a balayage? Then get this: it’s one of the easiest colour styles to maintain, making it ideal for those who want the ultimate look without the constant upkeep and expensive maintenance. As your hair grows, the highlights stay on the first layer, which means the colour grows out softly and evenly without any harsh lines or dramatic roots. When you’re ready for a touch up, simply pop into our salon and we’ll freshen it up in no time (with plenty of pampering in between as always).

Make Your Luxury Balayage Appointment Today at Our

As passionate experts of all things hair, Lux Hair and our highly experienced and skilled stylists and hairdressers in Melbourne know what you expect from your trip to the salon. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy a luxury experience of being spoiled and transformed, and you’ll leave feeling and looking as beautiful as you’ve always dreamed of with a confidence boost like no other.

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Balayage Specialists


We are proud to have such a well earned reputation in the beauty industry. Balayage highlighting is time consuming and requires a good eye and a very steady hand. Balayage, simply means your hair looks like it has been out in the sun.

Best Balayage in Melbourne

Balayage Hair Colouring Salon Lux Hair. Colouring: Blonde Balayage, Brunette Balayage & Redheads Balayage. Caramel Balayage, Auburn Balayage & More! Balayage highlights are great for all!

Outside of very short cropped hair, it can work on a variety of hair lengths, textures and colours, making it truly universal and flattering for all women. Most are drawn towards it because the maintenance level is relatively low; many are able to go four months between hair colouring appointments. Our colourists have been trained in all fields of balayage, freehand, ombre, highlighting and root stretch services and are ready to deliver a personalised and luxurious service. You can trust the team at Lux Hair to give you the most beautiful results achievable.

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Our Premium Salon Services:

Our experienced and expert hairdressers and stylists are here waiting for you in Altona.


From highlights to lowlights and everything in between, our expert colourists at our Altona salon can bring even your wildest hair colour dreams to life. Colouring your hair for the first time can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. Starting at just $115, our hair colourists will work with you to develop the perfect colour and ensure that application is done correctly to avoid irreparable damage.

Cut, Wash, and Blow Wave

Switch up your look with a pixie cut or revive your locks with a routine trim. Our hair cutting specialists at LUX Hair and Beauty Salon can help you achieve the ultimate look with a professional cut and blowdry. Leave the salon feeling great and with the tools needed to care for and style your hair in between visits. Starting at just $95 for ladies cuts and $55 for men’s cuts - our salon offers high quality service at a competitive price.

Jadore tape extensions

Want to add some length to your drab, damaged hair? If you struggle with growth, Jadore tape extensions could be the perfect solution. Unlike other hair salons that offer extensions, LUX Hair and Beauty has dedicated specialists in the application and aftercare of professionally applied hair extensions.

Keratin Straightening Treatments

Seeking softer, smoother, shinier hair? Struggle with damaged, frizzy hair? If you want to enjoy the versatility of straight hair one day and wavy the next then a keratin hair treatment is your golden ticket. In as little as 2 hours you can achieve luscious, healthier looking locks after one appointment.

Men's Hair Stylists

Women aren’t the only ones who care about their hair. Men also deserve to look good and feel good, and good hair is a great start to building confidence in your appearance. If you’re looking for a men’s hair stylist in Melbourne, you should book in with Lux Hair.

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Lux Hair is a specialist Olaplex hair treatment salon with a team of highly experienced and skilled professional stylists to provide the full range of Olaplex treatments to repair, restore and transform your hair

Book Now with Melbourne's Leading Hair Stylists

Working together to deliver stunning results in a friendly, fun and supportive environment, our team has access to the best training and equipment the industry has to offer.

Conveniently located all around Melbourne, our salons offers appointments at your convenience and high quality service every time. View our full list of our hair salon pricing or contact our stylists directly for a free consultation at (03) 9315 1466. From Hair Salons in Coburg to, the beautiful Altona Hair Salon near the pier, to our best Hairdressers in Preston, our salons across Melbourne combine the best products and equipment available in the industry with stylists boasting 30 years of experience.

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