Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available
Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available

Women aren’t the only ones who care about their hair. Men also deserve to look good and feel good, and good hair is a great start to building confidence in your appearance. If you’re looking for a men’s hair stylist in Melbourne, you should book in with Lux Hair.Read More

Looking for a Men’s Stylist in Melbourne?

We can do everything, from small trims to big makeovers, and take care of different hair types and all genders. With salons in Coburg, Altona and Preston, we’re only a short drive away for most Melbourne residents. You should never feel ashamed or emasculated for caring about your appearance. Whether you need a new haircut or you want to switch up your style, Lux Hair is here for you, man or woman.

Barber or Hairdresser?

A lot of men might be used to going to a barber instead of someone calling themselves a men’s hair stylist or men’s hairdresser. What’s the difference anyway? Actually, a barber and a hair stylist are not the same thing, though they’re similar in some respects. Barbers usually use clippers and razors, while hair stylists use scissors. Hair stylists are more experienced with longer hair and are usually the best option for men with long hair. They also tend to take more time with each client and make sure they get exactly the haircut they asked for. The environment in a barber shop tends to be different to a hair salon, with a more typically masculine vibe, while hair salons are typically unisex. In the end, it’s up to each individual whether they prefer going to a barber or a hairstylist, but we always recommend coming to Lux Hair.

Top-Quality Men's Hairdressing in Melbourne

Lux Hair is one of the top hair salons in Melbourne, and for good reason. Our team has over 30 years of experience working with all genders and hair types, creating a wide variety of styles and offering a huge range of services. We know what we’re doing, and we’ll always be able to give you exactly what you asked for. All products we use on your hair are of the highest quality, to ensure we help repair damaged hair and promote health and shine. We’re not in the business of cosmetic band-aids, we want your hair to be healthy and not just look it. We’re also able to advise you on how to care for your hair at home and which products to use, so you know how to keep your hair in check without our help. That’s just something most guys aren’t taught in the same way that women are. Lastly, our salons are all accessible for people with disabilities and different needs. We offer wheelchair accessible basins, privacy screens and specialty appointments so that everyone can see an experienced men’s hair stylist in Melbourne.

Booking Your Appointment with your nearest Lux Hair Salon

All our appointments are easily booked through our website. If you have any questions or would like a quote for the service you’re looking for, you can always call us as well. Find the phone number for your local salon using our website. The next time you need a haircut, book an appointment with Lux Hair using our booking form. Read Less