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Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available
Colour correction Treatments

So you’ve had a hair colour disaster. DON’T PANIC! One of the best-kept secrets around is that Lux Hair is known for its iconic style and its clientele. When a hair colour disaster strikes, either at home or in a salon, our Lux Hair has the repair solution.

A complimentary colour consultation allows the colourist to select and describe the correction process with the client – no surprises and no disappointments here!

The obvious choices of a Corrective colour and/or a Double process might compromise your hair and change its texture. In order for your hair to retain its texture and original integrity without compromise we offer the OLAPLEX & SMARTBOND Hair Treatments.

Many colourists can colour hair beautifully when it’s the first time or when everything is going well, but once there is a problem very few know how to correct it. We have been correcting hair colour disasters for over 30 years. We have seen every hair colour disaster you can imagine, from over-bleached broken hair to colour that has become too dark or flat to look natural. Orange roots with dark ends, orange roots with light ends, brassy overall tone, ashy overall tone, highlights that are too bold and white or too bold and yellow-orangey. With their expertise and eye for subtle tones and shades, our stylists can turn any hair colour disaster into the beautiful hair colour you’ve always dreamed of!

Whether the colour is too brassy, too dull, too streaky, too light, too dark, too green, too red, or just plain horrible, we will absolutely fix it! Most importantly, at LUX HAIR  the solution is never a part of the problem. While correcting your hair colour, WE CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH OF YOUR HAIR! Many hair colour repair jobs change or damage the texture and condition of the hair, making the situation much worse. We stand out because our colour professionals repair hair colour while improving the condition of the hair. If your colour problem is too severe to correct in one appointment, we will restore your hair back to health in safe, gentle stages. This may take several months, but the end result will be beautiful, healthy, and shining hair with a gorgeous sheen. In short, LUX HAIR is justly proud of its long-standing reputation as the best hair colour corrective salon in Melbourne. 

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