Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available
Buy 2 or more full price products to get up to 20% off. Free shipping on orders over $100. Afterpay available

Lux Hair is a specialist Olaplex hair treatment salon with a team of highly experienced and skilled professional stylists to provide the full range of Olaplex treatments to repair, restore and transform your hair. Read More

Olaplex is Celebrities’ and the World’s Top Stylists’ Best Kept Secret

As the one and only choice for celebrities who swear by this miraculous hair treatment, Olaplex is not just another gimmick promising magic without delivering. The planet’s best stylists, famous influencers, and A-list celebrities rave about it and its incredible results that will have you and your hair looking and feeling fabulous in no time. We pride ourselves on making our clients look and feel confident and stunning, which is why we offer this amazing treatment that’s taken the haircare industry by storm all around the world.

What Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is truly a miracle. It doesn’t just mask hair damage - it cures it. It’s a professional-level treatment that repairs and rebuilds the hair’s disulphide bonds, which are broken through everyday wear and tear. From harsh weather, brushing, heat-styling and sun damage to bleaching and dying, it all takes its toll on the bonds that hold hair together, causing unruliness, frizz, and dull and lifeless hair, weakening it until your hair snaps altogether. However, when these bonds inside your hair are kept strong and aligned, the result is durable, stronger and healthier hair that’s more resistant to damage and breakage and looks and feels its best.

How Does Olaplex Work?

Olaplex is a multi-step treatment process with a grand total of eight products. The most significant products with the best results in the range are Olaplex No.1 and No.2, both of which can only be applied by stylists in a professional Olaplex hair treatment salon, like our expert team at our Lux Hair salons. This is the ultimate game-changer that works on all hair types, and the benefits never fail to astound our clients who love it so much that they come back regularly for more treatments. Of Olaplex’s seemingly endless advantages, these are its most amazing:

  • Olaplex protects your hair from colour damage from dyes and bleaches
  • It reverses damage caused by heat and exposure to the sun
  • It makes your hair stronger by repairing the bonds in your hair from the inside out
  • It makes your hair less prone to breakage, hair fall and overall wear and tear
  • Your hair sees boosted shine and smoothness from deep within
  • Your hair feels smoother, softer and shinier as all its broken bonds are rebuilt
  • Many split ends are repaired and frizziness is reduced
  • Your hair is more manageable and easier to brush and style thanks to its healthier condition

Book Your Olaplex Treatment at Our:

Hair is our pride and passion, and as long-reigning experts with three decades of experience in the hairdressing industry, we don’t hold back when we say we are one of the very best in the business. Our Lux Hair stylists apply their expertise and skills to deliver exactly what our clients desire from their trip to the hair salon in Melbourne. What’s more, achieving your dream hairstyle is only the half of what we do; when you come to our salon, you’ll enjoy a luxury experience from start to finish as you and your hair are pampered and transformed in the midst of our friendly, welcoming, and inclusive salon setting.

Make an appointment with our expert stylists at our Olaplex hair treatment salon in Melbourne and you’ll relish a lavish experience of sublime comfort, finalised by your walking out feeling as fabulous as you look with your freshly Olaplex’d locks that are soft, strong, and shining like a diamond. We don’t exaggerate how unbelievable this treatment is - you truly have to try it to believe it. Read Less