Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available
Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available

Hair is a form of expression and style, and like a piece of art, your hair is a canvas. When you are looking to rejuvenate your style, brighten your look or try something new, book your appointment with the best hair colourists in Melbourne At lux Hair. Our professional hair colourists and stylists work with you, discuss your hair goals, and develop a plan to enhance your complexion and brighten your face.

A fresh haircut, style or colour treatment change not only how you look but also how you feel. Therefore, when you’re in search of a hair salon specializing in blonde highlights Ombre or Balayage to rejuvenate your current style, call Lux hair today. Our team of professionally trained hair colourists and stylists are versed in the latest colouring techniques to ensure you leave with a style that compliments your unique personality.

Are you trying to cover gray? Do you feel your natural colour is too dark for you? Too light? Do you want to go extreme and completely change your look? Or do you simply want to explore options on how to improve the shine, texture, and health of your hair?

Colouring your hair is a great form of expression, change and is a great way to boost your locks and self-confidence. While it’s fine to have doubts, they should not stop you from indulging in one of the best forms of beauty therapy fun!

First-time colour users should most definitely see a professional in our salon. Not only will you be guaranteed a professional colour and finish, you’ll also avoid any first-time mistakes, such as ending up with the wrong shade or staining of your skin, furniture and clothes.

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Hairline tint

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Full colour

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On scalp bleach

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Why Dye Your Hair at the Salon?

With many home dyes available in stores today, a lot of people choose to colour their own hair at home. The cost of hair colour at a salon puts many people off, but getting your hair dyed by a professional is more expensive for a reason. Here are some of the reasons you should get your hair dyed by a colour specialist.

  • Home hair dyes offer little precision and shade variety, so it can be hard to get the colour you want
  • A professional hairstylist will be able to assess your skin tone to make sure they choose a shade that compliments you
  • They will also be able to determine whether your hair is healthy enough to be bleached or coloured, or whether that might cause more damage
  • Dying your own hair is very difficult, because it%E2%80%99s hard to get even coverage on your own head and avoid missing spots, often resulting in a patchy and uneven hair colour
  • Salon hair dyes are high-quality and use good ingredients to protect your hair from damage, while home dyes can have harmful ingredients and cause damage
  • Home dyes can contain ingredients that make it difficult to remove the colour or put a new dye on top of it, which makes it hard for your stylist to help you if you want to change up your hair or feel unhappy with the results
  • Dying your hair is a time-sensitive process that requires working quickly and keeping an eye on the clock, which is much more stressful than sitting down in the salon chair and relaxing
  • Your professional hair colourist has the expertise and products to get good, even and flattering results when it comes to your hair colour

Looking to Get a New Hair Colour in Melbourne? Lux Hair's Best Colourist Specialises in Expressing Your Individuality

Life is too short to not be yourself. The expertise our hair colourists possess, you could have anything from a few highlights in a coordinating colour to frame your face to a complete change to a bold bright colour like orange or purple. You deserve to feel like the most fabulous version of yourself by choosing the best hair colour in Melbourne for you at Lux Hair. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about damage as we use top-quality products that are kinder to hair. We offer Cezanne keratin treatments and also sell the best shampoo, conditioner, and styling ranges to protect your hair and its new colour. This is because coloured hair needs a little more care and attention to keep it in the best of health.

Lux Hair are the Answer to Your Search for ‘Best Hair Colour Specialists Near Me’

We know it might be tempting to try and be your own at home hair colourist to save money but especially with bleach and you're trying to get the balayage hair salon look, it’s very risky. There’s a lot of choice of brands so it can be hard to choose which will deliver long-term vibrant colour. Leave the bleach on too long and you could end up with damaged hair and you just have to wait for it to grow out before you can try to colour it again. So you’ve tried to save money and you’ve still ended up having to wear a hat for a while and search ‘hair colouring salons near me’. We think it’s better to just come to Lux Hair straight away. Your creative, skilled stylist will give you a personalised consultation, so they get to know your hair and the best approach. You’ll have a pamper throughout your appointment and leave feeling fabulous with exactly the colour you wanted.

Book Hair Colour Specialists at your nearest Lux Hair

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We can help you achieve your dream colour here at Lux Hair. Ensure that you get a hair colour you’re happy with without causing unnecessary damage to your hair and we can advise if hair colour correction is needed to achieve the look. So that's why we recommend you choose the hair colourist Melbourne residents love, Of course, we offer a variety of other services as well, including haircuts, blow dries, hair extensions and more. Book an appointment at your nearest Lux salon by using the form on our website. Read Less



Do you want a fresh new colour treatment to spice up your style can’t decide between Balayage, Ombre, or Highlights? Let our team of the leading hair colourists At lux Hair help you understand the different forms of hair colour treatments and answer any questions



Highlights are a hair colouring technique that adds streaks of colour to a darker base hair. Whether you go bold with large pieces, or soft and subtle, the options for blonde highlights are absolutely endless.

They add dimension to your hair andcan be as playful as you want them to be. Just a few face-framing pieces brighten your complexion and rejuvenate your appearance without changing your overall hair colour. When you book an appointment with lux hair for blonde highlights, the possibilities are endless.

Benefits of Blonde Highlights:

  • Less potential damage because it bleaches fewer strands of hair
  • Low maintenance and easy grow-out process
  • Add dimension to your hair
  • Highlights are placed in strategic spots, such as the front sections of your hair to create a sun-kissed appearance

Highlight pricing based on 6 to 8 weeks regrowth


Foils, Balayage, or Ombre

1/4 head foils from $120.00
1/2 head foils from $145.00
3/4 head foils from $180.00
Full head foils from $220.00
Creative / Zone Toner from $60.00
Toner refresh from $45.00

With a professional Balayage colour technique, not all the ends are affected by the dye, and the transition between dark and light is much longer and natural-looking. With this technique, soft, highlighted hair is intermingled with darker strands to create a dynamic look that’s full of movement and body. As a result, individuals with thin hair turn to this technique to increase the appearance of thickness in their hair. As your hair grows, the highlights stay atop the first layer, growing out evenly and softly without any hard colour separation.

Pros of Full Blonde Highlights York Mills:

  • Less damage and dryness because of less process on the hair
  • Adds depth to your natural hair colour
  • Low maintenance as grow out is gradual and appears natural
  • It can look as natural or as dramatic as you’d like



Ombre is the gradual blending of one colour hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. While the roots remain dark, the hair slowly lightens down the length of the strand until it hits the lightest, most highlighted points at the ends. When done correctly, Ombre mimics the natural colour change of your hair in the summer months. The new hair growth will stay your natural colour while the ends, which are exposed to more sun than the roots, turn a shade lighter.

When you book an appointment with lux hair you leave with a bright, new style.

Benefits of Ombre:

  • Low maintenance
  • Very trendy and versatile to your unique style
  • Easily grow your roots and transition to a new style
  • Budget friendly


You’ll want to keep your blonde highlights, ombre or balayage vibrant for as long as possible. Keeping your brand new colour treatment looking healthy requires proper maintenance and up-keep and appointments with lux hair. Bleaching hair is a chemical process that removes the natural pigments from your hair fibres. We have a collection of tips to combat damage to your follicles and strands of your hair and preserve the bright colours of your latest colour treatment.

Balayage and Ombre are much more low maintenance as the dyed hair quickly grows out and looks natural throughout your hair. Full highlights are more intense, they require retouching more frequently to maintain their appearance. However, if the colour wasn’t a huge departure from your natural shade, it may require less maintenance.

During this time, you’ll also need a trim to maintain the health of your hair. In-between colour touch-ups with lux hair You’ll also need to keep the vibrancy and moisture of your hair by using a colour-treated shampoo and conditioner. If you want the look to last, you’ll have to visit lux hair every four to six weeks, especially as your roots start to grow out.


Elumen Hair Colour

Goldwell’s Elumen Colour is more than just a bottle of hair colour–it utilizes revolutionary technology to create stunning long-lasting results! Working with only a physicalreaction, this high performance colour producesno chemical reaction within the hair. And it’s long lasting!

Elumen is a direct pigmented, ammonia-free permanent colour that illuminates thehair inside out like never before. The out-come is intense and brilliant colour with magnificent shine. Not only that, but the colour effects are incredibly durable!

Elumen hasevolved as one of the most effective ways to achieve long lasting vibrant colours as well as a non-chemical alternative to your regular colour treatments.

With all these benefits the list of perks by using Elumen are endless, but here are our top 8 reasons to try Goldwell’s Elumen at your next visit:


1-Non-Chemical Reaction

Elumen works by creating a physical change to the hair, not a chemical one. This revolutionary technology uses the negative and positive charges in the hair to allow itself to cling on to the hair for a longer period of time using something called the MAGNET-EFFECT which draws the colour deep inside the hair follicle.


2. Hair Health

This colour treatment will increase theshine and feel of your hair due to it’s incredibly low pH level. Say by-bye to dull, dry hair and hello to show-stopping locks! Amazing!


3. Shiny Hair

Elumen is a low pH acid colour, which means it is able to close your hair cuticle so tight that it produces a diamond-like shine that is 37% shinier than competitor brands. Not only that, but it leaves your hair super soft and reduces frizz!


4. Allergy free

If you have any sensitivities, allergies, or medical conditions this could bethe colour treatment for you as Elumen is 100% ammonia free! This colour service is also safe for cancer patients, but as always if you suffer from any allergies of have experienced reactions in the past, always get apatch test prior to any colour service.


5. Colour longevity

This treatment is worth your time because it is longer lasting and holds incredible durability that produces 76% more colour intensity than other oxidative colours.


6. Colour variety

Originally, Elumen was targeted for funky bright colours that would last. Which means that now there is a whole rainbow of colours to choose from be it Bright, Deep, or Pure!


7. Toning

With Elumen, you can also achieve natural tone-on-tone colour for a sun-kissed look!


8. Grey blending

Elumen currently offers grey blending which will allow for a less obvious demarcation line at the root when regrowth starts coming in. However, new products are coming this fall that will be utilizing an updated technology to offer even more grey coverage!

Elumen is unbelievably versatile, producing excellent results for both brights and neutrals! Our clients love the results and so do our staff!


Discover your best look and feel with Elumen hair colour at your next visit.


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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Will I get Complete grey coverage?

A: Elumen offers grey blending which provides about 50% grey coverage, however this fall they are releasing an updated formula that will give more complete coverage for grey hair.

Q: How long will it last?

A: Elumen is a permanent non-oxidative colour, so as long as you are using the corresponding shampoo and conditioner and are ensuring proper home maintenance for coloured hair, it will stay in the hair until it is cut out.


Q: Is there any special at-home-maintenance for this colour?

A: There is a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner that works with the same magnetic-technology as the colour that we highly recommend to ensure your colour does not fade from regular washing.

Q: Can I use my regular styling products?

A: You absolutely can, however we recommend staying away from most oil-based products as these often penetrate past the hair cuticle and push out colour from the hair.

Q: How long does this service take?

A:We normally book 2 hours for a full elumen colour as we need to properly prep the hair before applying the colour, and then we need to allow adequate processing time so the colour can push itself into the hair shaft. Of course, if your hair needs to be lightened to achieve a specific level of vibrancy we will need to book additional time for that, and alternatively if you would just like to book for an elumen glaze we normally book for 30 minutes without a blowdry.

Q: Why is this colour system more expensive than a regular colour?

A: Given the additional time necessary to properly complete the service and the high quality of the product we have adjusted pricing accordingly. All of our services are charged a-la-carte, so if pre-lightening is necessary your stylist will discuss all additional charges.

Q: Can I get bright colours if I have dark hair?

A: Elumen has an incomparable vibrancy at all levels, however depending on how dark your hair is and how bright your goal is, we may need to pre-lighten the hair prior to applying the elumen.

    Our Premium Salon Services:

    Our experienced and expert hairdressers and stylists are here waiting for you in Altona.


    From highlights to lowlights and everything in between, our expert colourists at our Altona salon can bring even your wildest hair colour dreams to life. Colouring your hair for the first time can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. Starting at just $115, our hair colourists will work with you to develop the perfect colour and ensure that application is done correctly to avoid irreparable damage.

    Cut, Wash, and Blow Wave

    Switch up your look with a pixie cut or revive your locks with a routine trim. Our hair cutting specialists at LUX Hair and Beauty Salon can help you achieve the ultimate look with a professional cut and blowdry. Leave the salon feeling great and with the tools needed to care for and style your hair in between visits. Starting at just $95 for ladies cuts and $55 for men’s cuts - our salon offers high quality service at a competitive price.

    Jadore tape extensions

    Want to add some length to your drab, damaged hair? If you struggle with growth, Jadore tape extensions could be the perfect solution. Unlike other hair salons that offer extensions, LUX Hair and Beauty has dedicated specialists in the application and aftercare of professionally applied hair extensions.

    Keratin Straightening Treatments

    Seeking softer, smoother, shinier hair? Struggle with damaged, frizzy hair? If you want to enjoy the versatility of straight hair one day and wavy the next then a keratin hair treatment is your golden ticket. In as little as 2 hours you can achieve luscious, healthier looking locks after one appointment.

    Men's Hair Stylists

    Women aren’t the only ones who care about their hair. Men also deserve to look good and feel good, and good hair is a great start to building confidence in your appearance. If you’re looking for a men’s hair stylist in Melbourne, you should book in with Lux Hair.

    Olaplex Hair Treatment

    Lux Hair is a specialist Olaplex hair treatment salon with a team of highly experienced and skilled professional stylists to provide the full range of Olaplex treatments to repair, restore and transform your hair

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    Working together to deliver stunning results in a friendly, fun and supportive environment, our team has access to the best training and equipment the industry has to offer.

    Conveniently located all around Melbourne, our salons offers appointments at your convenience and high quality service every time. View our full list of our hair salon pricing or contact our stylists directly for a free consultation at (03) 9315 1466. From Hair Salons in Coburg to, the beautiful Altona Hair Salon near the pier, to our best Hairdressers in Preston, our salons across Melbourne combine the best products and equipment available in the industry with stylists boasting 30 years of experience.

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