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Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available

What Can Booking A Spot at The Best Hair Salon in Melbourne Get You?

Our hair is one of the most noticeable parts of our appearance. A good haircut and the right colour can make all the difference to the way you look and feel. If you’re looking for the best hair salon in Melbourne that can give you just what you need, look no further than Lux Hair. We have some of the top Melbourne hair salons, with locations in Altona, Preston and Coburg. With Lux Hair, every day is a good hair day. Read More

Your Local Short Hair Specialist

How would we describe short hair? Short hair can be vibrant, stylish, cute, eye-catching, daring and practical - but it's easy to worry about maintaining it. Short hair may require more regular haircuts and certain products and care to ensure that it stays healthy and stylish. You may have wondered "should I find a short hair specialist near me?". And the answer, without a doubt, should be yes.

Finding a short hair specialist in Melbourne has never been easier - for friendly and professional advice, try Lux Hair. Lux Hair is an award-winning, Melbourne-based hair salon that prides itself on high standards of professionalism and excellent products. We've given detailed advice on every short hairstyle under the sun and can tell you exactly what you need to do to ensure your locks stay luscious.

Our expert hairdressers in Laverton can deliver the short haircut of your dreams and will do everything in their power to ensure that you walk out of the salon feeling confident, beautiful and empowered. Whatever your age, gender or lifestyle, short hair is stunning and should be celebrated.

Alternatively, we can help you take the next step if you're planning on transitioning from long to short hair.

Our friendly Newport hairdressers will make you comfortable and help you find the perfect short haircut depending on your preferences, current hairstyle, face shape and - if you're interested - the current trends (here at Lux Hair, we stay up to date with the latest hair styles and trends!).

So why settle for a cheap, impersonal and unprofessional haircut when Lux Hair is here to celebrate your short hair and individuality? If you have any questions about our short hair care and services, please contact us on our simple online form or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon. Read Less

Off to a special event? Find Ruth at Our Preston Lux Hair Salon

You'll wanna get a date in with Ruth before your event, she is the Queen of styling - get ready for some fabulous waves for days! 

Hairdresser Ruth from Preston


Want to End That Transformation Montage with The Perfect Hair? Look for Charlie at Lux Hair in Pentridge

Our brilliant hair colourist in Melbourne, Charlie is the person to go to for colour corrections, blondes and transformation work. She provides expert hair analysis and guides clients though the change process with technical precision.

Charlie Hairdresser at Pentridge Lux Hair Salon


An Expert of Experts, Sai from Lux Hair Pentridge Will Make Your Hair So Smooth It's Gonna Call Operator

Expert in keratins, smoothing services and straightening. Sai is the person you're looking for when it comes to keratin straightening services due to his expertise, precision, perfect results every time!

Expert Hairdresser Sai from Pentridge Lux Hair


Elizabeth from Our Pentridge Lux Hair Salon is All About Precision & Getting The Perfect Cut For YOUR Hair Texture

Precision cutting. Technical cutting. Short hair cutting. Expert in understanding hair types and textures, and using this to create a shape that sits perfectly everyday.

Hairdresser Elizabeth from Lux Hair Pentridge


You're a Wizard, Adriana! Casting Hair Straightening Spells at Lux Hair Preston

Chemical straightening (yuko) wizard. Delivers exceptional results for all hair types and textures when it comes to keratin treatment for hair.

Hairdresser Adriana at Lux Hair Preston


Need a Complete 180? Hass Will Help You Serve The Drama with The Ultimate Chic Short Style in Lux Hair Altona

Whether it's your next new look you're after or just wanting to get the perfect cut you've been missing, Hass's technical skills will get you there. Hass adores short styles, and also has a deep love for foiling. He'll give you the best haircut in Melbourne.

Hass from Lux Hair Altona


You're Gonna Look Nothing Less Than Fresh When You See Chau at Lux Hair Preston!

If you’re up for a refresh, nobody does the classics better than Chau! If It's not Perfect, she doesn't want it. Our Melbourne hair salons keep you looking so fly your best friends can't recognise you from the back!

Hairdresser Chau from Preston Hair Salon


Alanna in Altona, She Can Make You Go From Frizz to Rizz!

Alanna is also our keratin wizard, but in our Altona Hair Salon. She always delivers exceptional results for all hair types and textures.

Hairdresser Alanna from Lux Hair Altona


Lights, Camera, Nat! Pentridge is Giving Hollywood Glamour, Oh Wait, It's Just You.

Our styling and blow waving genius. The perfect choice for your next special event. Nat comes from a family of hairdressers and basically grew up waving hair. Her specialty is the famous "Hollywood Wave".

Hairdresser Nat at Lux Hair Pentridge


Stef Loves That Journey For You, and She is Driving You to Pentridge Lux Hair Salon!

Excellent at colour corrections and transformations. Stef is passionate about her client’s journey and will guide you towards your best hair yet. she will tailor a personalized experience and create amazing colours, blondes, precision cuts and special occasions hair.

Hairdresser Stef at Pentridge Lux Hair Salon


Save time & book when it suits you best!


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