Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available
Get up to 20% if you buy 2 or more full price products from selected ranges. Free shipping on orders over $150. Afterpay available

Dear valued customers,

At Lux Hair, we are committed to providing you with exceptional hair care services and products. As part of our commitment to quality we need to continually evaluate our pricing to ensure that it is fair and reflective of our costs.

In order to offer the best flexibility for you we have decided to introduce a tiered pricing structure. This new pricing model is designed to provide you with more freedom in choosing the hair services that best suit your needs and budget.

Our tiered pricing system includes the following tiers:

  • Emerging Stylist: Our junior stylists have completed their training and are gaining experience working with clients under the guidance of our senior stylists.
  • Stylists: Our stylists are experienced stylists who are either new to Lux Hair or have solid expertise that ensures they can deliver amazing results.
  • Senior Stylist: Our senior stylists have many years of experience in the industry and have demonstrated their expertise in providing exceptional hair services.
  • Director: Creative leadership for the company will provide you with industry leading expertise

We believe that this new pricing model will provide you with more options and flexibility in choosing the hair services that best meet your needs.

We value your business and appreciate your understanding during this transition. Please refer to our pricing page for as a guide. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Lux Hair. We look forward to continuing to serve you and help you achieve your best hair yet.


Lux Hair



Frequently asked questions:

 Why do you need to change your prices:

 We understand that the current environment is putting pressure on costs of living. Unfortunately for us our products, materials and overheads have also increased in price. Increasing costs coupled with our commitment to valuing our team and their ongoing development means we simply cannot continue without a change.  We have made a choice not to compromise the integrity of our work so we can maintain the best possible results for you.  


Can I see different people for different parts of my service:

 We can absolutely work with you to find the right staff to deliver your service and ensure the quality of your results.


Are emerging stylist competent?

 Absolutley! All of the team undergo extensive training to ensure they can deliver the best results for you.

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