Have you ever wondered if a keratin treatment would work for your hair? Are you looking for a keratin smoothing treatment, but don’t have the time, nor the budget for a full smoothing? Want to shorten your blow-dry time by up to 60%? Do you love your curls but hate the frizz?



We now offer a Cezanne Express Smoothing service — it takes half the time, costs $120 less, but still provides the same shine as the Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment.



Cezanne Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment is an ultra-fast smoothing treatment that transforms your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and frizz free "in an instant." The treatment uses no harsh chemicals, will not damage your hair and colour can be done the same day, before or after the treatment.



This new advanced formula features fast application and processing time (45 to 60 minutes) with transformational results and works on all hair types, lasting up to 6 weeks.